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As a young child, Shalom lost both his parents. But through the love and care of his VisionTrust program leaders, Shalom found hope in God and discovered his calling as a pastor.


Over the years, VisionTrust has welcomed vulnerable and orphaned children into our Casa Luz Orphanage in Ayacucho, Peru.  One of these children is Diana, and this is her story:   At a young age, Diana lost her mother to an epileptic seizure. Diana also has epilepsy, and sadly she was often left alone while her father … Read more


We love hearing our children share their heart with their sponsors when they write letters.  This is what Angela shared with her sponsor:  “I am learning more about our Father God and I am so thankful for that. Now I am a happy child, even though I know that my dad is not with me … Read more


“My mother couldn’t afford tuition. I studied on my own and used to prepare during my lunch breaks.”  These are the words of 18-year-old Priyanka*, a young woman from one of our VisionTrust programs that has pursued her education despite financial limitations, cultural barriers, and familial obligations. She participated in a VisionTrust program from 2015 … Read more

Beka & Tryness

When 4-year-old Tryness first came to the VisionTrust Malawi Learning Center, she was withdrawn and did not speak. While the other children talked, played, and sang, Tryness kept to herself. When a short-term mission team came to visit, a teenager named Beka took notice of Tryness. While the adults on the team were leading teacher … Read more

Ashlee & Nahomy

I had the privilege of serving in Guatemala with VisionTrust in March 2022. I went as one of leaders to the high school girls that were on the trip from our church. This was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had. From meeting all the kiddos, to deciding to sponsor one of them, … Read more

Paterne & the Frey Family

Paterne grew up in the Central African Republic surrounded by challenging situations. Both his parents died, and he struggled to engage in typical childhood activities since he struggled with heart issues and was deaf. Through the loving support of his sponsors, Paterne was able to get a much-needed heart surgery, build meaningful relationships, develop marketable … Read more


Sponsoring a child through VisionTrust has been so rewarding for our family. When we selected Nicole from a few children that were available, we chose her because of her gender and age- we have a daughter close in age, so it just seemed right. What we didn’t realize when we signed up, was that one … Read more