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Over the years, VisionTrust has welcomed vulnerable and orphaned children into our Casa Luz Orphanage in Ayacucho, Peru.  One of these children is Diana, and this is her story:  

At a young age, Diana lost her mother to an epileptic seizure. Diana also has epilepsy, and sadly she was often left alone while her father went to work in the fields. Without medical care and the consistent support of a caregiver, Diana’s untreated epilepsy and her malnutrition led to blindness and severe brain damage. In 2015, Diana’s life took a dramatic and positive turn when she was brought to the VisionTrust Casa Luz Orphanage. Despite her complicated health situation, the Casa Luz staff welcomed her with open arms and they were determined to get her the care she needed. They took her to the hospital to stabilize her seizures and treat her malnutrition and have continued to faithfully care for her until this very day. 

Diana is now 18 years old and is blessed with a loving home at the Casa Luz Orphanage. She is unable to communicate verbally, but she engages her caregivers and the other children by expressing her emotions and moods through gestures and movements.  The children of Casa Luz surround Diana with loving kindness, and although she cannot participate in their daily games and activities in the traditional way, they ensure that Diana knows she is part of the family and that she is dearly loved. We are ever grateful to Diana’s sponsors for their years of faithful prayers and financial support that have made it possible for this sweet young woman to have a life marked with Christ’s transformative love.