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Tanzania has a quickly expanding economy, yet according to USAID, almost half of the population lives on less than $1.90 a day. In addition to experiencing economic challenges, teen girls are faced with risks like early or unwanted pregnancy related to the cultural practice of polygamy.

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VisionTrust started serving children in Morogoro, Tanzania, in 2010. The children in our school and learning center receive nutritious food, clean water, educational support, and spiritual discipleship from trusted adults. Our school serves children from preschool to 10th grade and is highly regarded in the community for its quality educators and education in English. We welcome children from both Christian and Muslim families. Through the loving care of our local leaders, the children and youth we serve discover their worth and potential.

*We feature a small number of children available for sponsorship on our website. For more options, please email

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Ready to roll up your sleeves? In addition to sponsorship opportunities, you (or your group) are welcome to join the local staff and volunteers making a difference in Tanzania by serving on a short-term mission team.

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Our Local Leader

Peter Mwalongo grew up in a Christian family but walked away from his faith during his teenage years. Then a friend began inviting Peter to come to church with him. After two months declining the invitation, Peter finally came to a service. Afterward, he resolved never to return. Yet, the very next Sunday, Peter found himself back at church.He chose to give his life to Christ that week and has been a changed man ever since. Peter became our VisionTrust Tanzania Country Director in 2011 and serves alongside his wife, Rose. They have two daughters, Elizabeth and Nancy.