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We believe children born into poverty are worth more. A lot more.

Children have been overlooked and undervalued for millennia. But we know that children are worth more. A lot more.

VisionTrust nurtures children in communities around the world who are experiencing brokenness in many ways – malnutrition, unclean drinking water, preventable illnesses, trauma, abuse, neglect, discrimination… The list goes on and on.

Poverty is a complex problem, one which requires a purposeful and multifaceted solution. We partner with local Christian leaders to holistically and consistently meet children’s health, education, and spiritual development needs because

We believe that each child is worth more

  • Worth more than the situation they were born into
  • Worth more than their society tells them
  • Worth more than even they themselves believe

As a network of likeminded friends, we are committed to opening doors to real change.  We understand that each culture, community, and country is unique, so our approach is too. We embrace three different program models – Learning Centers, Schools, and Orphanages – with the same common goal: changing lives, one child at a time.

These children are worth more than their current situation provides

  • Worth a new story that changes their possibilities
  • Worth a new story that changes the very world as they know it
  • Worth a new story that changes the very world as we know it

Like candles waiting for a spark, these children just need a match. Let’s bring light together.

Lovell Family 3
Lovell family 1
Lovell Family 2

“I have been privileged to be able to meet the children we sponsor. I have had the overwhelming experience of seeing my family’s picture and letters on a wall that is framed by a dirt floor and corrugated metal roof; of being told by the child’s family that they pray for mine every day; and of sharing, laughing, crying and worshipping with that family.
My heart has opened, my perspectives have broadened and my understanding of God’s love has deepened because of sponsoring a child. And my heart overflows when my daughters write to and pray for their friends, Florecita and Camila.”

- Jeff Lovell

Child sponsor & short-term mission team participant