We believe children born into poverty are worth more.

VisionTrust nurtures children in communities around the world who are experiencing brokenness in many ways – malnutrition, unclean drinking water, preventable illnesses, trauma, abuse, neglect, discriminatation… The list goes on and on. 

Poverty is a complex problem, one which requires a brave and multifaceted solution. But first and foremost, for a child to overcome these obstacles, she must know and believe her intrinsic, God-given worth. This is the foundation upon which we build.

We believe that each child is worth more

  • Worth more than the situation they were born into
  • Worth more than their society tells them
  • Worth more than even they themselves believe

For a VisionTrust child, this knowledge grounds her, sustains her, and equips her to move towards wholeness as she receives support in important areas like health, education, and spiritual development.  

Join us in helping each and every child in our ministry see and believe that they are worth more!

“I was seeking God about how He wanted to use our team to impact the lives of the children at Projeto Amar. One thing that the Lord revealed to me was the intent of His heart.”

- MiKayla S.

Child sponsor & team member