For $25, send a child to camp. Donate now to provide an unforgettable experience!


Sponsoring a child through VisionTrust has been so rewarding for our family.  

When we selected Nicole from a few children that were available, we chose her because of her gender and age- we have a daughter close in age, so it just seemed right.  

What we didn’t realize when we signed up, was that one day we would have the opportunity to meet her and watch her grow into a wonderful young lady.  

(We have been fortunate to have been on 2 STMs to Ayacucho as a family,  and our daughter went one an additional trip without us! ) 

Who knew that meeting a girl we only knew through a photo and letters would be so emotional. This is so much more than a “financial commitment”- it is a blessing! To have to opportunity to hear her story, hear her dreams for her future, meet her family- sponsorship is not about the donation, it is truly about the relationship.  

We look forward to our next trip- we haven’t seen her in 3 years now, so we will have alot of catching up to do. In the meantime, we will continue to pray for her- that she continues to grow in God’s grace, and stays true to her faith.