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A Sponsor Child’s Perspective
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Light A New Story

When you sponsor a child, you receive:

Your child sponsorship provides:

Relationship Matters

Here are some simple, powerful ways to connect with your sponsor child.

Sending a
Personal Message

The child you sponsor loves to hear from you! Each note and photo you share are cherished. Get started here.

Sending a
Physical Letter

Send a physical letter using one of these templates to:

VisionTrust International
3710 Sinton Road #100
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Sending an

Email your message and/or photo to include your full name, as well as your sponsor child’s name and ID if you have them handy!

Serve in your sponsor child’s community

Ready to meet your sponsor child face-to-face and make a hands-on difference in their life? Learn more about short-term missions here.