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Paterne & the Frey Family

Paterne grew up in the Central African Republic surrounded by challenging situations. Both his parents died, and he struggled to engage in typical childhood activities since he struggled with heart issues and was deaf. Through the loving support of his sponsors, Paterne was able to get a much-needed heart surgery, build meaningful relationships, develop marketable skills, pursue a vocation in sewing and ultimately see his worth in Christ. His long-time sponsor, Robin, whose family has also supported Paterne’s brother Cedric and his sister Bernice through child sponsorship, shares her heart: 

“Sponsoring our children has  given back way more than we can ever give. For us it is way more than a financial contribution or assistance to Paterne, Cedric and Berenice. I thought I had life all planned out, we would have 2 children, a boy and a girl and live happily ever after. We suffered miscarriage and infertility and it took us 7 years to have our son Hunter. But God was faithful and not only did he give us Hunter, but 3 additional children to care for and sent us to CAR to be forever changed. We have longed to return, but with the unrest and safety concerns that time has not been granted. So until we get to see them again, either in CAR or in heaven one day, we do our best to always let them know how much they are loved and cared for.  Our house is filled with all of their photos just like any other family would display of all of their children and we are blessed to have a photographer who does her best to always include them in our family photo.”