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Our kids love to hear from their sponsors. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

How to Write Your Sponsor Child a Personal Letter
Your sponsor child loves to hear from you! Each note and photo you share are cherished.

Sending a Physical Letter

Send a physical letter using one of these templates to:

VisionTrust International
3710 Sinton Road #100
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Sending an Email

Email your message and/or photo to Please include your full name, as well as your sponsor child’s name and ID if you have them handy!

Tips on Crafting a Message to Your Sponsor child:

  1. Keep it short and sweet – this helps our amazing translators deliver your message in a timely manner!
  2. Write about topics your child can understand and connect with – family, pets, hobbies, special traditions, etc.
  3. Cheer your child on in their learning and relationship with God – words of affirmation are deeply meaningful!
  4. Children pray boldly and faithfully – empower your child and share a personal prayer request with them!
  5. Photos of you / your family will be treasured by your child! Seeing the face of the one that loves and cares for them helps build relationship and connection.
  6. Avoid sharing information / photos that highlight material wealth.
  7. Remember some cultures are more modest than our own – i.e. your adorable family beach snapshot might be Instagramable, but not the best pic for sharing with your child.
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