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A growing economic recession has been impacting the people of Peru for decades. These economic strains, coupled with challenges related to corruption, have eroded the citizens’ confidence in democracy and affected the country’s political stability. These problems are most acute in rural and remote areas, such as Ayacucho, where VisionTrust serves vulnerable children and adolescents.

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VisionTrust started serving children in Peru in 2005. The VisionTrust Casa Luz Orphanage welcomes children who are orphaned or have been taken from unsafe living environments. These children often have suffered trauma, and many have significant physical and emotional health needs. Our Peruvian staff also run four Learning Centers. Through our orphanage and Learning Centers, children have access to basic health care, nutritious food, tutoring, after-school programming, and training to prevent physical and sexual abuse. Most importantly, they experience the transformative love of God through trusted, caring adults who remind them that they are worth more.

*We feature a small number of children available for sponsorship on our website. For more options, please email

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1 Light for Orphans – Casa Luz

1 Light for Orphans is a movement of people embodying the inextinguishable love of Jesus by creating communities of love and support for vulnerable children. Since 2005, VisionTrust has been serving children in the city of Ayacucho, Peru, through the Casa Luz Orphanage.

Serve in Peru

Your church group, community, or family is welcome here for a short-term mission team visit. Serve on the ground in places of great need and see the difference you will make in the life of one community.

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Children are the world’s greatest resource. Help them discover safety, comfort, and hope with a one-time contribution.

Our Local Leader

Ada Huertas discovered her passion for children when she was only twelve years old. Her parents separated when she was young, but her family eventually reunited through the loving guidance of a woman named Mariela. At the time, Mariela was serving as the director of the VisionTrust Casa Luz Orphanage; Ada came to know and love the children of Casa Luz as Mariela mentored her over the years. In 2012, Ada joined  VisionTrust and later took Mariela’s place as the Peru Country Director. Ada experiences great joy in serving the children of Ayacucho alongside her husband Jorge and their son Matias.