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Building unique, collaborative partnerships that help children in need thrive

Whether you are a current or a potential VisionTrust partner, we are here for you!

One of our greatest joys are the relationships we cultivate with partner churches and organizations. We love the groups of people that love the children in our ministry! We are committed to fostering meaningful partnerships – no matter your group’s size, demographics, or location, we’ll personally work with you to craft a partnership that will unleash the gifts and talents of your people.


Speak Up Sunday 

Speak Up Sunday gives your church or organization the opportunity to connect in a personal way with children in need through child sponsorship. Whether you want to focus on children from one particular community or from many communities around the world, your church or organization will be inviting people to start a meaningful one-to-one relationship with a VisionTrust child. We also offer the opportunity to sponsor children from one community and to plan short-term mission trips to serve in that very community!

Short-Term Missions

Spending quality time with children in need helps them feel loved, cherished, and valued. Churches and organizations have the opportunity to join an open short-term mission team or to organize a short-term mission team of their own. Come alongside our VisionTrust local leaders and see your community impact another in a powerful way!

A Voice for the Voiceless

Staying with family is best – but for some children, family isn’t an option. Through A Voice for the Voiceless, your church or organization can partner with a VisionTrust orphanage and make a collective impact in the lives of children in need.

“Partnering with VisionTrust has allowed our people to see that God is so much bigger than what we might think.”

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Transparency & Truth

VisionTrust values the trust of our partners — that’s why we publish frequent updates on our impact, expenses, and operations. Learn more below.