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Beka & Tryness

When 4-year-old Tryness first came to the VisionTrust Malawi Learning Center, she was withdrawn and did not speak. While the other children talked, played, and sang, Tryness kept to herself. When a short-term mission team came to visit, a teenager named Beka took notice of Tryness. While the adults on the team were leading teacher training sessions, facilitating construction projects, and presenting Bible lessons, Beka had more unstructured time than her teammates. So, she spent that time carrying Tryness around. Each day, regardless of what was going on, Beka had Tryness in her arms. 

Once the short-term mission team departed for the US and the children returned to their daily routine, the Malawian staff were blown away to see little Tryness smiling, laughing out loud and playing with other children for the very first time. They shared that she now had “a lasting light in her eyes and in her heart.”  Not only did her VisionTrust leaders notice – the whole village of Katsekera was talking about it! 

Short-term mission teams are an opportunity to practice presence and share the love of Christ to the children and staff in our ministry. Tryness’ life was transformed by Beka’s love. Sometimes it is the simplest acts of kindness that make the biggest difference in a child’s life!