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Maria Josefina, the Graduate

Meet Maria Josefina. She is seventeen-years old and has grown up in Cruz Blanca, Guatemala, a community where dropping out during elementary school is far too commonplace—a stark reality where Maria lives. Entering the workforce to support your family’s economic needs is an every-day pressure, especially for Indigenous women facing barriers to professional employment due to their heritage and gender.

This past month, despite the many real challenges, Maria shattered the barriers by earning her high school diploma through hard work and support from her family and community. The moment Maria received her degree was monumental—not only did she achieve personal success, but also paved the way for other Indigenous girls in her community to follow in her footsteps. And every stride forward is a reason to celebrate.

Prior to graduation, Maria Josefina completed an extensive project studying a career in healthcare, an area of great interest for her. We know her determination, dedication, and strong work ethic will illuminate the lives of all those she serves in her future vocation.

Maria Josefina received a full ride scholarship to college (five year commitment). This includes tuition, transportation, books, computer, and stipend. She has been accepted into a pre-med track for her university courses.