For $25, send a child to camp. Donate now to provide an unforgettable experience!


Helping more children is easier than you think. We’ll give you the keys to unlock the potential of your church family.


Speak Up Sunday is your chance to tell your congregation about VisionTrust’s work to save and serve children around the world. Your five-minute presentation could have a global impact — don’t delay!  


“I was seeking God about how He wanted to use our team to impact the lives of the children at Projeto Amar. One thing that the Lord revealed to me was the intent of His heart.”

- MiKayla S.

Child sponsor & team member

Schedule a Presentation in your church today!

Speak Up Sunday starts with three simple steps:

  • Step 1:

    Order a Free Planning Guide
    It has step-by-step instructions, a presentation outline, samples, and more.

  • Step 2:

    Get Permission and Choose Your Date
    Ask for you pastor’s support and creative input.

  • Step 3:

    Register Your Event
    You’ll get a presentation kit with child profiles, folders to hand out, a customized video clip to show, and other helpful materials. Register here.

Sponsor A Child

You’ll get photos and profiles of 9* specific children. Speak up for these children by name. Due to their circumstances, they are unable to speak for themselves. But, you can be their voice.

Ask people to sponsor them. As a church family, wouldn’t it be great if one or two children are sponsored. With God’s blessing, who knows? Maybe all nine children will be sponsored!

Take the first step.

Order a free Planning Guide booklet today!

Ready to register your event? Register Here.

*If you think your church can sponsor more than nine children, let us know and we’ll provide extra packets.

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