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Be a Voice for the Voiceless

VisionTrust orphanages offer hope for vulnerable children.

You can be their Voice.

Staying with family is best — but for some children, family isn’t an option. 

When children are without a stable family or a safe environment, a well-run orphanage can be the best option. That’s why we’ve teamed up with quality and caring orphanages all over the world — and why we started A Voice for the Voiceless. 

As a Voice for the Voiceless, you can support a safe, Christ-centered, caring home for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Your $25 monthly donation gives them access to education, security, food, healthcare, and the comfort of loving adults.

Globally Supported, Locally Managed




Drugs & alcohol. 

Sex trafficking. 

Without the protection of family, children around the world are vulnerable to things most of us cannot imagine. 

VisionTrust orphanages are run and staffed by locals with a heart for God, children, and service. They understand the unique challenges and needs of the 25-100 children their orphanages serve — and their mission is to go beyond the basics of survival and remind children of their worth.

Over the years, VisionTrust has welcomed vulnerable and orphaned children into one of our seven orphanages around the world. One of these children is Diana, and this is her story:

At an early age, Diana lost her mother to an epileptic seizure. Sadly, Diana also has epilepsy, and was often left alone while her father went to work. Due to neglect and lack of medical care, her untreated epilepsy and malnutrition led to blindness and severe brain damage. By the grace of God, Diana was brought to a VisionTrust orphanage where she was welcomed with open arms. Now 18 years old, Diana continues to be dearly loved and surrounded with faithful care from her VisionTrust family.

Where Will You Be a Voice?

Dominican Republic - Ketty's House

Ketty’s House was founded when a brave woman named Ketty saw children being impacted by abuse, prostitution, and exploitation. She rented a house in Santo Domingo where these orphaned and vulnerable children would have a safe place to live. VisionTrust has been working with this ministry since 2009, and together we provide children and youth with twenty-four-hour care where they receive discipleship, educational support, nutritious meals, medical care, and nurturing guidance from dedicated caregivers. 

Peru - Casa Luz

Since 2005, VisionTrust has been serving orphans in the city of Ayacucho, Peru, through the Casa Luz Orphanage. Casa Luz has cared for hundreds of babies, children, and youth who needed a safe place to call home. While every situation is unique, a common thread is that the Casa Luz Orphanage has welcomed children who have been orphaned, abused, neglected, or abandoned by providing a nurturing environment where the love of Christ can bring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

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“For me, Casa Luz is a refuge. I came like a dove with broken wings, they cured me, they helped me to be what I am to this day.”

Myanmar Orphanages

When VisionTrust started in 1997, one of our very first programs was an orphanage in Myanmar. Today, VisionTrust Myanmar has five orphanages, serving children ages 3-18 that are facing government oppression, insecurity, and abandonment. Sustained conflict from the 2021 military coup has created fear and uncertainty throughout the country, and the caregivers at our VisionTrust orphanages ensure that the children receive nutritious food, clean water, health care, tutoring and discipleship. Due to security reasons, we are unable to disclose the names and locations of our Myanmar orphanages. We are grateful for the brave local leaders that serve the children in their care!